Almost ‘back to school’

HARLINGEN – Betty Ann Price was delighted to begin another year of preparation for a career in the medical field.

Betty, 16, and her mother, America, sat at a table yesterday in the commons area of the Harlingen School for Health Professions.

“I have seen a lot of schools,” said Betty, a sophomore. “This one is for me.”

Yesterday students filled the commons area of the school to register. Principal Tina Garza had already caught the “new school year bug.”

“It feels good,” she said. “I am pretty excited. It feels great they are coming back to school.”

She gestured to some parents and students.

“Go to station #2,” she said after they picked up their purple registration forms. The students and their parents passed the nursing station where they checked their shot records and the transportation station if they needed help getting to school and back.

Registration for local schools is over. For some, yesterday was the last day. For others, the last day was Wednesday.

Amanda Cariaga, 16, was busy helping new students enroll as well as return students get back in the groove.

“It’s actually going really good, really quickly,” said Amanda, a sophomore.

“I’m organizing files, helping people. I’m seeing new students coming in. We have a lot of student coming inhere.”

Madison San Miguel, 16, was also excited about resuming her studies.

“I feel really great, especially about this year,” said Madison, a junior. “I know Mrs. Garza has big plans. She always surprises us.”

Betty said she entered the school the moment it opened three years ago.

“I wanted the opportunity to study,” she said.

She and her mother both addressed the problem of students not receiving enough attention from their teachers because of time constraints and the number of students.

Her mother said she was so proud she felt like a “queen.”

“I am very proud of my daughter and I am proud of this school,” America said.

“The people that work here, it’s a clean school. The teachers are very responsible.”