Director gets honored for her leadership

BY Amanda Sotelo

Adele Clinton started her career with Texas State Technical College nearly nine years ago. She is known around campus for her work and dedication to students as the Executive Director for Student Life, and now as one of the 2016 Chancellor’s Excellence Award recipients.

Clinton was recently presented her award at the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Devel-opment Awards Dinner and Celebration in Austin. She said this was an extra special day for her because she got to experience it with her husband and two children.

“Not only did my family get to join me, but my husband had the opportunity to present me with my award,” said Clinton. “I think it’s really important that our sons and daughters see working mothers doing really well, not just as a mom, but also at work.”

This award was a great honor for Clinton especially because her peers were the ones who nominated her.

“To know that I was recognized for my work, at a job I love, by colleagues that are like family, it’s a great feeling,” said Clinton. “I’m honored to now be a part of an elite group who have received this award.”

Clinton’s experience in student life dates back to her time at South Texas College, where she also earned the Jaguar Excellence Award for her efforts and commitment. She first became interested in student life while attending The University of Texas Pan American where she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Sociology.

“Working with student affairs personnel as a student leader was so much fun for me,” said Clinton. “It was easy and made sense. I know how much it affected my life and my college experience, and how much I learned outside of the classroom, that I knew I wanted to do this for others.”

Clinton’s supervisor and Vice President of Student Development Sarah Patterson said students’ lives, and those of her staff, have definitely been touched by Adele’s work.

“Adele is one of the most dedicated and service-oriented employees I have ever had the pleasure to be associated with at TSTC. Her work ethic, enthusiasm, leadership and attitude is contagious which makes her team and all of Student Development want to be associated with the great momentum for student leadership and civic duty she has implemented statewide for our students,” said Patterson. “Adele’s strong desire to serve our students selflessly reflects in her daily actions.”

Clinton said that in student development she and her staff aim to give students the best college expe-rience possible.

“We’re very student-centered,” said Clinton. “We all have one goal and that’s to help develop the best possible students. That’s what’s so rewarding about this job, we get to see students really grow into leaders and broaden their horizons.”