Finding ‘My Stop’: Free app allows for tracking school buses

BROWNSVILLE — Worried that your child might be late for the bus? Or that the bus might not be on time?

The Brownsville school district has a great way to find out the exact whereabouts of a child’s school bus. BISD has an app that allows residents there to track the bus themselves on their smartphone.

This year, the Brownsville Independent School District is introducing the Versatrans My Stop app. It’s free to all students and uses their student ID as both the username and password.

The app graphically displays the school bus’ location on a map as well as its estimated time of arrival to a specific student’s bus stop. The bus’ location is automatically updated every five seconds, and the ETA is recalculated to accommodate any delays due to traffic while en route.

“We’re doing this as a service to our families,” said Luis G. Segura, assistant administrator of the BISD Transportation Department. With today’s busy lifestyles, the app can help families “make sure their students are on the bus and they don’t have to wait too long.”

The app also allows families to keep track of all students’ buses on a dropdown menu.

“If there are several kids in a family, the system will generate a dropdown menu for each child’s bus,” Segura said. “That’s the beauty of the system. It tracks family units.”

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