Cantu cashes in: Football coach paid double for work?

RAYMONDVILLE — “No comment.”

Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Frank Cantu said that’s all he wants to say about cashing a check for two coaching seasons for which it appears he was already paid.

Yesterday, the school district released documents showing Cantu cashed a check for $16,702.28.

The district released a copy of the check in response to the Valley Morning Star’s open records request for the check’s receipt.

Cantu cashed the check on July 7, seven days after the district cut it.

Six days earlier, the school board approved the payment.

That occurred on June 24, in a special meeting set for 7 a.m.

School board President Jessica Cantu, Frank Cantu’s former sister-in-law, presided over the board that voted to pay him $12,000 for a stipend to serve as head football coach in 2014-2015 and $12,000 for the 2015-2016 school year.

Jessica Cantu and board members Daniel Garcia, Javier Longoria, Mario Tijerina and Jaime Villarreal voted to pay Cantu while board member Lupe Ruiz abstained from voting and member Ramiro Ramirez was absent.

Before the vote, Superintendent Johnny Pineda told board members the district already had paid Frank Cantu the stipends during the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years, Jessica Cantu has said.

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