Want to be in the movies?

SAN BENITO — John Macias, a San Benito native, is looking for extras to be in his new movie.

He says only serious people should inquire about the film because it is a serious movie about faith and crime.

The movie, “Redirected by Grace,” is based on a true story and follows a young boy named Diego who is recruited by the Mexican Gulf Cartel to run drugs and be an assassin at the tender age of 12.

“During the course of killing people, Diego grows a conscience and starts thinking about the horrible things he’s done,” Macias said about the main character in his movie.

Actual filming will begin in December.

Macias said the film crew will be shooting in South Padre Island first, then McAllen and Brownsville.

“We’re hoping to get college students who are studying drama, but we do want those regular people also to be a part of the film,” Macias said. “We’re going to take everybody.”

Macias is also currently promoting a talent show that will coincide with the filming. He wants Valley natives to participate.

The talent show will take place in Temple on Oct. 1. Winners could win a supporting role in the film and a recording deal for those who participate in the singing portion.

The movie, which Macias said is about hope, salvation and redemption, is being compared to Christian drama films like “God is Not Dead” and “War Room.”

“It doesn’t matter what situation you grew up in or what situation you might find yourself in, there is hope, there is a way for you. God helps you,” Macias said.

Diego is just a kid who is also a victim.

“At the age of 14, Diego is kidnapped and tortured in Mexico,” Macias said.

However, Diego does not learn his lesson and is still drawn to the violence of killing and hurting people for the cartel.

Then Diego is sent to torture and kill a person who is in debt to the cartel, but accidentally abducts the wrong man.

The man tries to reason with Diego for his life while he is being tortured for days, using the words of the Gospels and telling Diego God loves him and forgives him.

“Diego didn’t know what remorse was until that day,” Macias said. “And then he started sneaking into churches to listen to the Gospel until so many years had passed and he was sent to prison.”

The movie director, Jason Wilkinson, and some of the actors and actresses from the movie, will be in the Valley during filming.

Macias said a private screening of the movie will occur in Brownsville.

“This is my first movie I will write and produce,” Macias said. “And it’s been a great experience so far.”