You can help ‘Keep South Padre Island Beautiful’

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Hundreds of volunteers are expected to help clean up the Laguna Madre later this month.

Keep South Padre Island Beautiful will conduct the cleanup on Saturday, Sept. 24.

“Keep South Padre Island Beautiful is committed to keeping the Lower Laguna Madre Bay clean so we can protect and restore it for us – and future generations,” said Susan Dalton, organization chairwoman. “Participating in a bay cleanup is one way that community members can do their part for the waters we all love and have a fun time outdoors with friends and family.”

Dalton said the event is open to the public and anybody who wants to can help.

“Lots of trash falls off the boats and wash up onto the shore,” Dalton said. “It’s detrimental to our sea life, our turtles and dolphins.”

Dalton said they are doing what they need to do to support the fishing industry, tourism and the environment.

“This is a win situation for everybody,” she said.

The effort is part of the Keep Texas Waterways Clean program.

Dalton said the group is hoping for 250 volunteers.

“It might be a challenge,” Dalton said. “We could find a tire out there and have to haul it back to shore.”