Is a Hilton Garden Inn coming to Harlingen?

HARLINGEN — It looks like it will be a Hilton Garden Inn attached to the proposed $14.8 million convention center.

City commissioners today will consider approving the site’s layout along with the convention center’s proposed floor plan.

“I’m excited to be at this stage,” Mayor Chris Boswell said yesterday.

The 43,883-square-foot convention center, with a parking lot including 623 spaces, is planned on 8 acres at the corner of Brazil Road and Teege Avenue in the Harlingen Heights business district, the layout shows.

The Hilton Garden Inn would be attached to it, with a parking lot including 149 spaces, on 2.2 acres at the corner of Teege Avenue and Harlingen Heights.

The layout includes an additional 43,300-foot pad planned for a future restaurant.

Boswell described the design as “very smart.”

“This is a refinement of the way we thought the property would be laid out,” Boswell said. “I like it a lot. The way the property is laid out is very nice.”

The convention center’s floor plan includes a 17,100-square-foot main ballroom featuring the capacity to be divided into smaller meeting areas.

The building’s south side has spaces for smaller meetings.

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