New warehouse coming for county: Bence Trust and donation receives nod

BROWNSVILLE — Commissioner Gus Ruiz is going to get a new precinct No. 4 warehouse and he’s saving taxpayer’s money at the same time.

Cameron County Commissioners unanimously accepted a land donation for a new precinct 4 warehouse and maintence facility at Tuesday’s meeting.

The Leon and Linda Bence Revocable Trust donated five acres of land off White Ranch Road and Expressway 83 in La Feria for the site of the proposed precinct No. 4 warehouse facility.

The building will be called the Leon and Linda Bence County building.

Currently, the precinct No. 4 warehouse sits on less than an acre of land in Harlingen.

“I want to thank the Leon and Linda Bence Revocable Trust for this great opportunity,” said Gus Ruiz Cameron County, precinct 4 commissioner. “This is going to be a great location for the new precinct 4 warehouse.”

Leon Bence was the founder of Bence Nurseries and was a real estate developer in Harlingen and parts of the Valley.

Ruiz said the donation will save the Cameron County taxpayers money from having to buy new property for a new warehouse site.

The property has been valued at more than $100,000.

The five acres are part of 50 acres owned by the Leon and Linda Bence Revocable Trust.

A revocable trust can be altered or canceled by the grantor if provisions are not met.

Ruiz said the donation carries a time condition of 24 months to build the warehouse facilities.

Commissioner Ruiz made a motion to approve the land donation from the Leon and Linda Bence Revocable trust at Tuesday’s commissioners meeting.

It was seconded by Commissioner David Garza, who oversees Cameron County precinct 3.

“We got it done,” Ruiz said. “It’s a great deal.”

The only condition the court had was to have an environmental study done on the property.

Ruiz said the environmental study will make sure the land is safe to build on.

Ruiz said the donation will bring the precinct warehouse to a better location to better serve the county.

“Everybody agreed that this was a good deal for the county,” Ruiz said.