Music-based health program aims to encourage children to eat right

SAN BENITO – Students at Oscar De La Fuente Elementary School started their morning off yesterday singing and dancing.

That’s because “Jump with Jill,” a music-based health program aimed at encouraging children to eat healthy foods was at the campus.

The children excitedly participated in onstage singing and dancing opportunities as well as lively interactive conversation with the hostess.

After the presentation, the children went back to their classrooms where they had the opportunity to taste Texas-grown watermelons and cucumbers as well as cheese produced in-state.

The program was created by registered dietitian Jill Jayne, MS, RD. She has several teams that reach children though out the United States, Canada and Europe.

This was the first time the world-recognized, Emmy-nominated program, has visited the Rio Grande Valley.

It was offered through the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Farm Fresh initiative.