Planning board OKs annexing, zoning for new industrial area

HARLINGEN — The Planning and Zoning Commission approved a request for voluntary city annexation and initial zoning of light industrial to 54 acres of land located on FM 509 and East Harrison Avenue.

Some portions of the vacant property involved are already within city limits.

Joel Oliva, planning and zoning manager for the city, told the board yesterday evening the land is held by two different owners but both had signed off on the request for annexation and light industry zoning.

“Is this going to be an industrial park of some sort I assume?” asked board member Donald Haire.

“It’s a commercial-industrial subdivision, it’s a five-lot commercial-industrial subdivision,” Oliva answered.

Board member Meg Jorn asked if the property owners expected the city to pay installation of water, sewer and power to the site, and Oliva said the owners were prepared to pay for bringing utilities to the site.

The request for the annexation and initial zoning was made by Whiting Investments.

All actions taken by the Planning and Zoning Commission must be approved by the Harlingen City Commission.