Tax rate still up in the air

LYFORD — Big questions still surround the city’s proposed $823,000 general fund budget.

City officials have yet to determine whether they’ll keep the property tax rate at about $1.16 per $100 of valuation, fund employee raises and pay for capital expenditures, City Secretary Lydia Moreno said.

Officials also must decide on the city’s cash reserve fund.

The city’s property tax collection would bring in $340,000, retail sales taxes would add $109,000 while franchise taxes would account for $75,000.

While court fines would bring in $46,000, grants would add $45,186. Salaries would make up the biggest share of expenditures.

Officials propose to give the city’s 17 employees $508,881 in salaries and benefits.

Officials also plan to pump the biggest chunk of revenue into the police department, proposed to operate on $236,000.

Meanwhile, officials plan to set aside $20,000 for street maintenance and $2,000 for paving.

City commissioners are expected to take action on the budget on Sept. 26.