Teaming up: City’s industrial heavyweights work together on marketing program

HARLINGEN — Three of the city’s best-known secrets have collaborated on a marketing outreach effort to attract new industry to the lower Rio Grande Valley.

The Harlingen Industrial Foundation, the Port of Harlingen and the Harlingen Manufacturer’s Association pooled about $15,000 to print a glossy, full-color eight-page brochure and produce a marketing video.

In those, they highlight the city’s manufacturing, industrial and transportation resources.

“For the Port of Harlingen we’re noticed in our specialty agriculture niche as far as agriculture is concerned, but there are other industries out there that we want to take advantage of,” said Walker Smith, port director.

“We have a portion of that business but we want to be able to take advantage of more, especially the oil and gas industry right now with what’s going on in Mexico,” Smith said. “We can certainly take advantage of that and this could be a tool for them to be able to see what we’re about.”

Smith is referring to Mexico deregulating its energy industry, including the importing of oil and gas.

“The three of us got together and pooled some money, and seeing we’re all in the same area, the same industry, we put this thing together,” Smith added.

Norwood Fedie, president of the manufacturer’s association, said the Harlingen Manufacturing and Development Guide and video were tools the industrial and transportation facilities needed.

“We put together a marketing committee comprised of members of HMA, the Port and I-fi and they took the ball and ran with it,” Fetty said. “It’s great. I gave it my blessing.”

Planning and production of the brochure and video was helped along by the Harlingen Economic Development Corp.

“We’re leveraging marketing funds and allowing these other organizations who have the same common goals and interests to basically promote Harlingen as well,” said Raudel Garza, CEO of the economic agency. “A lot of the (HEDC) board members want to do something, they’re eager to do something.”

The Harlingen Industrial Foundation

The Harlingen Manufacturer’s Association

The Port of Harlingen