Restructuring breathes new life into once-struggling Holy Family Birth Center

WESLACO — Previous fears of Holy Family Birth Center’s closure were greatly exaggerated, at least according to those who breathed new life into the once-struggling nonprofit organization.

Sandra de la Cruz-Yarrison, operations director, attributed the center’s rejuvenation on Wednesday to an operational restructure. The news comes after staff and clients in March expressed concern that the facility would close, fearing an end to the midwifery services Holy Family has provided to South Texas residents for more than 33 years.

“There were some financial issues that needed to be addressed, and a lot of it had to do with billing and collections,” Yarrison said. “Without oversight, a lot of that can fall through the cracks.”

She was referring to the center’s financial dire straits widening over the years. It also didn’t help that the facilities fell into disrepair while resources grew limited.

Also, Holy Family’s yearly operating expenses are somewhere in the vicinity of $400,000 for an organization that covers up to 40 percent of expecting mothers’ costs, making public and private donations as well as grant monies essential.

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