Up and Coming: Amy Lynch

HARLINGEN – Development officer doesn’t even come close to revealing the depth of her work.

What does Amy Davila Lynch develop?

Clean water projects? A new strain of corn? A plan to eradicate polio from Africa?

Lynch, 34, might easily be found guilty of any one of these aggressive humanitarian initiatives. However, she’s directing all of her benevolent energies toward the Rio Grande Valley where she’s working as the development officer for Texas State Technical College.

Here she enjoys the opportunity to develop, ‘what?’

People, or rather providing them with the tools to develop themselves – their lives, careers, and family lives.

“Our focus is fundraising for instructors and for scholarships where state funding can’t cover it,” Lynch said. “We can raise funds for instructors to attend seminars or for laboratory equipment.”

She and her office have contacts with companies and individuals that have supported TSTC.

Many of them have hired TSTC students.

Making donations in the form of money or equipment is their way of giving back to the college which trained their employees.

She was quick to point out, however, that it’s not a quid pro quo agreement. The two are independent of each other.

Donors can request their support goes for a specific purpose. That purpose can be equipment for a specific class, a particular training regimen, or scholarships.

“It all depends on what that donor wants,” Lynch said.

Funding for scholarships, training and equipment translates into improving people’s lives.

“I think I most enjoy being an advocate for education,” Lynch said. “It’s helping students go to school. It’s improving their skill capacity and changing the whole dynamic of their family.”

The results make themselves known at the end of the year and it is one reason Lynch is considered up and coming in the Harlingen area.

“Graduating seniors walking across the stage,” she said. “I hear, ‘I’m the first one to go to college.’ ‘I have a better skill set and I can provide better for my family. I can make so much more.”

Lynch and her husband Matt have two daughters, ages 8 and 14. She’s a graduate of the Lyford High School Class of 2000.

Previous to her work at TSTC, she spent five years in the news and information department of the former University of Texas at Brownsville. That institution is now part of the University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley. She’s working on her fourth year at TSTC.

She’s practiced yoga for 10 years and taught it for five. Currently teaches at Whole Life Wellness and at CrossFit Stamina, where she works out regularly.

She’s working on a master’s degree in strategic communications which she hopes to complete in May.

She’s earning the degree through an online program at Purdue University. She hopes to use her masters to enhance her current work or perhaps enable her to continue on a much grander scale.

In whatever manner she uses her masters, one thing is certain. She’ll be here in the Valley.

The Lynch File

Age: 34



Enjoys performing and teaching yoga

What advice would you give someone who hopes to attain the success you have?

“There is so much I have yet to accomplish, but going into your work, no matter the field, with stewardship first has always helped me along the way. I love the term servant leadership and I try to abide by that every day.

It is not about what I or you have accomplished but what you have done that impacts the lives of others in a positive way and putting the needs of others before your own. Serve others, be collaborative, honest and ethical, open-minded, listen first, be okay with making mistakes, have humor and empower others, and you will find others’ success is your own, as well.