Getting into the Spirit: Hawks homecoming ushers in excitement of football

HARLINGEN — And, they’re off. Football players, cheerleaders, band members, the ROTC…

Everybody’s getting into the spirit tonight as the Harlingen South 2016 Homecoming Parade ushers in the excitement of the football season.

Enthusiasm is riding high, not only for the parade and pep rally but also Harlingen High School South’s game Friday against Los Fresnos.

“Oh, my gosh,” exclaimed Fernando Reyes, principal at HHSS.

Reyes said students are being invited to show their support by acknowledging Homecoming Spirit Week.

On Monday they wore red, white and blue to show the USA is home to the “classiest bird in Texas,” he said.

Yesterday, they were asked to wear yellow or gold to support Childhood Cancer Awareness.

Today, they’re wearing their favorite college shirt or jersey, to represent their favorite team or school.

The HHSS Hawks had hoped to defeat the Harlingen High School Cardinals at the annual Bird Bowl last Friday. But, alas, it was not to be. The Cardinals won the game 23 to 16.

Both the Hawks and Los Fresnos are hoping to rebound from losses in their first matchup of the season.

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