SAN BENITO — Get your kayaks ready because the Resaca City will soon hold its first regatta.

Last night, commissioners approved the San Benito Rotary Club’s request to hold the water races on the resaca come April.

For those who don’t know, a regatta is a series of boat races or kayak races. The term typically describes racing events of rowed or sailed watercraft, although some powerboat race series also are called regattas.

The event would be held on the resaca and at the Heavin Resaca Trail Park and Amphitheater.

The approval is pending further work by the city and Rotary Club.

The event must meet all the requirements from the city and the irrigation district. That includes a $1 million insurance policy to be purchased by Rotary.

“If it’s within our means, we can do it,” said Rotary Club member Mike Frazier, who presented the plan to commissioners last night. “We are a small club, but we are a mighty club.”

In addition, the city wants to establish a service agreement for the event.

City Manager Manuel De La Rosa said he would like to see an action plan as the event moves forward.

Frazier agreed to the city’s terms.

The event, which Frazier said is the first of its kind in San Benito, would be held April 29 and 30.

It would hopefully bring in spectators by the thousands from all over the Rio Grande Valley and farther.

He said the exposure and the event would promote the city and city leaders agreed.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Mayor Celeste Sanchez.

Frazier said the club plans to advertise the event as far north as San Antonio.

Proceeds from the regatta will be used to fund the building of a Frisbee park at South Park and the rest will go toward scholarships for students.