GT Program seeking Kindergarten student nominations

The San Benito school district’s Gifted and Talented Program is seeking kindergarten students who demonstrate outstanding levels of aptitude or competence.

The following characteristics of a gifted and talented individual may help determine if the nomination of a particular child is appropriate:

– Problem Solving Ability – quick to see solutions and possibilities;

– Curiosity – exhibits unusual and sustained interest in the unknown or unfamiliar;

– Sensitivity – feels deeply for others, often sensitive to criticism;

– Originality – thinks of unique and outstanding ways to express ideas;

– Persistence – shows strong determination, will, and stubbornness;

– Energy – works or plays in areas of interest for long periods without tiring; and

– Enthusiasm – enjoys a challenge and thrives on complexity.

Early identification of gifted students is instrumental in adequately understanding their learning characteristics, meeting their educational needs, and offering additional, or specialized, educational initiatives in order to nurture their talents.

Nomination forms for kindergarten students may be picked up from the child’s teacher or school counselor. Though anyone may nominate a child for testing, the nominee’s parent or guardian must sign the nomination form. Completed forms must be submitted to the child’s counselor no later than 4 P.M. on Friday, Oct. 28.

For additional information on the nomination process or additional GT program initiatives, please contact the child’s school counselor or the GT Program office at 956-361-6130.