You can have your say on disaster planning

SAN BENITO — Residents of Cameron County can comment on the Hazard Mitigation Plan before it is adopted.

Ten cities in the county are participating in the plan. It provides an opportunity for community leaders to evaluate ways to reduce or eliminate long-term risks from natural hazards and explore ways to avoid future disaster loss.

Participating cities include San Benito, Rio Hondo, Los Fresnos, Port Isabel, Primera, Rancho Viejo, South Padre Island, Bayview, Indian Lake and Laguna Vista.

These jurisdictions provided input into the planning process.

Texas is prone to extremely heavy rains and flooding. While flooding is a well-known risk, the cities within Cameron County are susceptible to a wide range of natural hazards, including but not limited to extreme wind, hurricane wind and wildfires.

These life-threatening hazards can destroy property, disrupt the economy and lower the overall quality of life for individuals.

Officials say that while it is impossible to prevent a hazard event from occurring, the impact of hazards can be lessened in terms of their effect on people and property through effective hazard mitigation planning and implementation.

For each of the hazards selected, a detailed risk assessment was conducted as part of the hazard mitigation planning process.

The risk assessment enables the council to prioritize mitigation actions based on hazards that pose the greatest risk to lives and property.W