Lyford’s Bulldog paws are set for makeover

LYFORD — Bulldog pride makes it easy to get to a football game here.

For years, big golden paw prints have lined Bulldog Avenue, making their way to the stadium.

Now, the district plans to repaint the paws that have become a big part of Bulldog tradition.

Last night, Lyford city commissioners were expected to approve the district’s request to temporarily close Bulldog Avenue from Simon Gomez Avenue to Business 77 to allow the district to freshen up the paw prints.

Since 1995, the prints have been part of Bulldog pride, Josie Torres, the district’s spokeswoman, said.

Today, she said, they run about four blocks, from the railroad tracks, across parts of the district, to Bulldog Stadium.

But for years, the paws didn’t cover much ground.

At first, the paws surrounded Travis Elementary School, Torres said.

“They used to wrap around the campus,” she said.

But when the school closed, the district’s artists expanded the paws’ range.

Ever since, the paws have led the way to Bulldog Stadium.

Over the years, many artists have helped repaint the paws.

There was the PTA, the Athletic Booster Club and even a group of Vietnam War veterans. But this year, the district’s art club will take on the job.

After commissioners approve the request to close Bulldog Avenue, officials plan to repaint the paws within two weeks.