No rain on birder’s parade

McALLEN — The threat of rain didn’t seem to faze the group of about 20 bird enthusiasts as they headed to the McAllen Nature Center and Quinta Mazatlán yesterday.

It seems their instincts were correct and not a drop of rain fell during the tour. Welcome to the second day of the RGV Birding Festival.

Excitement filled the air as dozens stepped off the bus at the Nature Center and almost immediately started spotting various birds on their list.

Birds like Buff-bellied Hummingbird, Golden-fronted Woodpecker, Curved Billed Thrasher, and Harris’s Hawk were checked of the spotting list at the Nature Center.

The next stop was Quinta Mazatlán which treated the tour group to not only bird spotting but also a variety of other animals.

Butterflies abounded as well as dragonflies and damsel flies.

Chachalacas were in abundance.

They were spotted at several different watering areas as well as running to and from the underbrush.

The ride back to Harlingen was filled with a sharing of information of birds spotted and the next day’s events.