Volunteers, city workers learn through shelter exercise

HARLINGEN — John Combs said to Harlingen firefighters with relief after they completed the emergency shelter training, “We’re all here, and everyone is alive.”

The Community Emergency Response Team, in partnership with the Harlingen Fire Department, held a mock emergency sheltering exercise at the Harlingen Community Center yesterday.

Combs said 88 Harlingen employees including firemen were trained how to operate a shelter in case of emergency.

The scenario was a large tropical storm that hit northern Mexico and traveled up to the Rio Grande and was overwhelming the lakes and dams.

“And so they were having a water release to avoid a catastrophe,” Combs said. “So the residents of Brownsville were moved to Harlingen to be at a safe shelter.”

Combs retired from the American Red Cross and now works with the fire department as a volunteer.

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10 easy tips to prepare for before a disaster

1. Keep a three-day supply of water on hand for each person and pet in your household.

2. Keep your gas tank full in case you need to evacuate.

3. Always know alternate routes.

4. Buy an extra can or other non perishable food when you shop then put it on a separate shelf. Check expiration dates periodically.

5. Keep your cell phone fully charged.

6. Keep a battery powered or wind up radio on hand so that you can receive instructions on what to do or where to go.

7. Keep extra medications and health aids when possible.

8. Know where important papers are such passports, insurance papers, birth certificates, etc.

9. Always have some cash on hand.

10. Most importantly make a plan.

Source: survival goods.com