Career exploration: Professionals speak to elementary students

SAN BENITO — Counselor Priscilla Guajardo wants her students to be college and career ready.

Even though the Ed Downs Elementary students are young doesn’t mean you can’t start them off early with planning future goals.

Yesterday, during the school career day fair, career professionals from bakers to lawyers came from all over to talk to students.

Some already know what they want to be when they grow up.

Like fifth graders Evelyn Shafer, 10, and Vincent Munoz, 10, who were excitedly taking in the career day festivities.

Evelyn plans to be a detective and study criminal justice in college.

Her father, whom she said is one of her roll models, was one and that who she plans to emulate.

This week has all been about career exploration.

As her first year as counselor, Guajardo is trying to implement career and college readiness on a regular basis.

“I personally talk to them about it on a regular basis,” she said. “I always tell them that they are going to change the world.”

Instead of having a career fair with booths and small talk, it consisted of presentations, displays, and walkthroughs throughout the day.

Guajardo’s own father, who is a prominent businessman in the community, came to talk to the kids.

For Guajardo hard work is paying off.

She said all of her students are thinking about their futures. Some have already decided what they want to be and where they want to go to college.

Vincent, who is heavily interested in law, said he would like to be a lawyer and defend the wrongfully accused.

When he graduates from high school he plans to go to UT Austin.