Program to provide free tax assistance to residents

SAN BENITO — The Income Tax Assistance Program student volunteers are being trained to provide tax preparation service to taxpayers who do not have the ability to prepare their own tax returns.

For the first time ever, the San Benito CISD after school program, through a special partnership with the United Way, will offer the tax preparation services.

In San Benito, the two ASP sites that have applied to become VITA sites are San Benito High School, located at 450 South Williams Road, and San Benito Riverside Middle School, located at 35428 Padilla Street.

According to Laura Hees, Assistant Director of the SBCISD after school program, the service will be available for any San Benito resident who earns less than $54,000 annually and who will file a basic tax return.

The free service will be provided by the students and employees of the after-school program.

Those individuals who qualify and are interested in the free tax preparation services are encouraged to contact the ASP office at 956-361-6450 to schedule their appointment.