San Benito schools working toward five-year goals

SAN BENITO — As promised, the community is receiving monthly updates on the Re-Imagine 2021 Five Year Strategic Plan.

Superintendent Dr. Adrian Vega, from the start, told the community and the district they would receive monthly, maybe weekly updates on the plan that was finalized in July.

Earlier this week, school leaders and the community were updated on the curriculum and instruction portion of the plan, which make up one of five portions of the plan.

The priority one, year one goal is to implement a uniform elementary and secondary curriculum consistently throughout the district.

Status as of January

Training provided a team of teachers in June a review of performance standards

A team of teachers will be completing the writing of the first six weeks curriculum in selected subject area kindergarten through 12th grade.

Pre-kindergarten teachers will receive training in August. Pre-kindergarten is now implemented at all campuses.

In preparation of the three year goal to align STEAM standards, a team of campus and district staff has received specialized training.

As part of the process of sharing best practices the teachers have been attending short sessions to share practices that have proven to be successful.

The priority two, year one goal is to schedule staff development targeting content/grade specific deconstruction of TEKS with vertical alignment within campus in accordance with the districts scope and sequence.

Status as of January

Began trainings on Eduphoria to track professional development.

A well developed staff development plan has been shared with the instructional leadership team of each campus needs.

Feedback was requested from principals to provide professional development relevant to campus needs.

Met with region one to align the instructional leadership academy sessions to the staff development provided.

Priority three, year one goal is to evaluate current software practices to ensure the integration of innovative and emerging technologies and develop a plan that target those needs.

Status as of January

Instructional technology specialists were transferred from technology curriculum and instruction and will now work with implementation of technology in the classroom.

The instructional technology specialists will be focusing on this area. Specialists will be training and monitoring lesson throughout the district.

Campuses have been divided between technology specialists so each is in charge of a number of campuses. This will lead to a better understanding of the campus climate and the campus needs.

Priority four, year one goal is to develop a student profile in which the following skills and expectation for student success are established to ensure childhood to workforce success.

This will include autonomy, collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, growth mindset and professional ethics.

Status as of January

Research is being conducted on programs that can be adopted by the district to assist students in the development of career and social skills.

The number of students that have access to the Naviance program is increasing.

Efforts are being made to ensure that all those providing services to the students are collaborating, so all students can receive assistance.

Priority five, year one goal is to provide staff development on differentiated instruction to ensure that the needs of all the students are being addressed.

Status as of January

The areas of concern were evaluated and a targeted improvement plan was developed for the district.

Focus on differentiated instruction is being placed on lessons presently being developed. A majority of the staff development is focused on strategies that allow teachers to differentiate instruction.

Walkthrough forms were edited to guide administrators as to what should be evident in the classroom.