SAN BENITO — Two new bridges in north San Benito are classified as off-system structures, which indicates they’re not on main roadways.

The two structures are pretty much finished at a combined cost of $1.4 million.

One is on Kornegay Road about 200 or so feet south of FM 1561, and the other is two miles away on Mile Line 20 Road just east of Nelson Road.

At last week’s meeting of the Harlingen-San Benito Metropolitan Planning Organization, Cameron County Commissioner David A. Garza spoke of his concern about not seeing construction activity at the Kornegay Road bridge site.

“The contractor moved his crews out of Kornegay bridge to work on Mile 17.5,” Octavio Saenz, a spokesman for TxDOT, said via email. “Kornegay and Line 20 bridges are virtually complete. Mile 17.5 needs bridge approaches. However, the bridge itself has been built.”

The Mile Line 20 Road bridge spans a small resaca in the middle of farm fields, connecting a narrow dirt road on each side of the ditch. Signs warn the bridge is closed, but muddy tire tracks show somebody has already broken in the new structure.

Work on the bridges started in February 2016 and is close to being on schedule.

Projects in design phase

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State Highway 107 widening to four lanes: Project consists of widening SH 107 to a four-lane undivided roadway with curb and gutter in Combes from Business 77 to I-69E. Current estimated cost is $3.7 million. Tentative letting date for bids is May 2017

I-69E and I-2 interchange landscape improvements: Project consists of landscaping the interchange. Current estimated cost is $250,000. Tentative bid letting date is January 2017.