Island police armed with new drug sniffing dog

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Mayor Barry Patel welcomed the police department’s newest member to the force with a smile.

The four legged K-9 named Berreta walked into city hall with his handler South Padre Island Officer Albert Pelayo.

Berreta was formally introduced to the city council at the last city meeting by Police Chief Randy Smith.

Berreta is a black haired 19-month old German Sheppard a single purpose K-9 trained to identify narcotics.

“I would like to say a lot of people don’t know what goes on with something like this,” Smith said. “It’s a lot of training.”

Pelayo will take the dog home everyday and take care of him as as if it is his own.

“It is a lot of dedication and training,” Smith said.“There is a lot of man hours and a lot of dedication that goes in from the officer.”