SPI says no to new cell towers

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — They’re not pretty, but they’re useful, especially when you need to make a phone call.

However, more utility poles on the Island just to boost mobile communication isn’t an option.

City leaders gunned down the idea of handing out a master license permit to Mobilite, a telecommunications firm that offers wireless providers space on their towers to boost signal strength.

Mobilite wants to erect eight towers estimated to be 46 to 78 feet tall to accommodate wireless providers.

Mayor Pro-Tem Dennis Stahl and Councilwoman Alita Bagley disagreed with the idea.

They said there are alternatives to boosting cellular communications available.

Currently, cell phone providers are not allowed to place cell phone utility poles within the public right-of-way. That’s why they purchase space on utility poles owned by tower providers like Mobility.

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