Round them up: You have a few more days to ‘fess up’ to warrants

LOS FRESNOS — Local police are planning to arrest people with outstanding warrants at home or at work.

The City of Los Fresnos Police Department will be conducting a warrant roundup beginning Feb. 6.

The police department is encouraging all citizens to contact the Los Fresnos Municipal Court to make payment arrangements for any outstanding fines or tickets.

“We’re just asking people to come in and take care of any outstanding fines,” said Mark Milum, Los Fresnos city manager. “We haven’t done this every year but we have done it quite a bit in the past.”

The city is offering a grace period from Jan. 23 to Feb. 5 for anyone who may have outstanding warrants.

During the grace period, people with warrants in Los Fresnos will not be subject to arrest.

Police said following the grace period, arrests will resume.

In addition to arrest, unresolved warrants could mean additional fees or the inability to receive a driver’s license or obtain vehicle registrations in Texas.

On Feb. 6 officers will begin to make contact with anyone with traffic warrants at residences along with workplaces to arrest any individuals who may still have outstanding warrants.

“The judge will consider people’s circumstances and work with them,” Milum said.

“We want them to resolve theses tickets so we can take them off the books.”


Citizens who want to know if they have any outstanding warrants or fines can contact the Los Fresnos Municipal Court at 956-233-9200 and speak to a Municipal Court clerk for assistance.