Students, animals make first appearance at FFA

SAN BENITO — The Sonny Brazil Classic Livestock Show is set for Saturday.

The school district will host the event beginning at 10 a.m. at the Sonny Brazil Agriculture Complex located behind Veterans Memorial Academy at 2115 N. Williams Road.

Whoever does well here will go on to compete at the Mercedes Livestock Show in March.

“This show is our annual San Benito FFA show and serves as one of our yearly fundraisers,” said Eddie Garcia, agriculture education teacher.

This show is open to everyone throughout the Valley.

Many of the students have worked very hard prepping and priming their animals for show. Some students are up at the crack of dawn dusting and cleaning their animal’s enclosures.

“The show serves as benchmarks for all students. It reflects the extensive work that students invest toward their livestock projects,” Garcia said.

The annual FFA fundraiser gives Valley students a chance to showcase their projects and garner awards ahead of the scheduled Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show.

“All students are aiming toward their end point, which is at the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show in Mercedes during spring break.”

The complex, located behind San Benito Veterans Memorial Academy, former educator Shepherd D. “Sonny” Brazil who died in 2008.

The $3 million, 1,000 seat arena complex was dedicated in his honor before his death in 2005.

Brazil was known for his dedication to the local agriculture program, agriculture students, and numerous youth organizations. Brazil taught Agriculture Science at San Benito high school for 33 years.