Financing business holds ribbing cutting

LA FERIA — Joe and Norma Becerra were excited at opening their own business downtown.

They are already meeting with clients at their office.

Joe said having his own business in downtown La Feria has always been a dream of his.

The Becerra’s opened Full Throttle Finance this past week, offering financing for big toys.

“If you want to buy a 1955 Chevy for $50,000, we can arrange the financing,” said Joe, Full Throttle Finance CEO.

They celebrated their business’ ribbon-cutting with the Chamber of Commerce, family, friends and city leaders.

Pastor Herald Parker opened the celebration with a short prayer and related the family’s endeavor to scripture from the Bible.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,” Parker read from Hebrews.

He said Joe has worked a long time for somebody else and now he’s taken a leap of faith to open the business with his wife.

“The place looks wonderful on the inside and you see what they care about,” Parker said.

The Becerras believe people don’t have to think the opportunities for recreational vehicle ownership is impossible.

“We live in South Texas and it’s always riding season and always fishing season all year around,” he said.

He likes to boil his business down to financing fun for recreational motor sports and classic cars.

“Whether you have excellent credit or have a few bumps in the road — we have a lender to help meet the client’s credit criteria,” he said.

La Feria City Manager Jaime Sandoval said he hopes for a long-term relation ship with the business and encourages other businesses to take a look at La Feria and see what it has to offer.

“There is a need for more businesses like this,” Sandoval said. “Every time a business like this comes in it benefits the whole community.”