DPS agent had doubts Yzaguirre took bribes

CORPUS CHRISTI — In what lead defense attorney Eddie Lucio referred to as the “hot mic incident,” Texas Department of Public Safety agent Janie Alvarado expresses her doubts that Cameron County Tax Assessor-Collector Tony Yzaguirre Jr. is taking the bribe money he’s accused of taking.

Yesterday morning, Lucio questioned supervisor Ryan Maza on what happened when Alvarado told him her thoughts.

“Agent Alvarado did not know the totality of the investigation. I think she looked at one episode and not the whole facts,” Maza said.

Maza further testified that Alvarado came from a narcotics background, and so she may have had a different understanding of how the investigation should go.

Yzaguirre is charged with eight counts of bribery, six counts of abuse of official capacity and one count of official oppression.

Lucio once again raised the issue of barbecue tickets, asking Maza if he was aware DPS essentially paid for some.

DPS informant Mel Sosa testified Monday morning that he purchased five tickets from Yzaguirre for a total of $100.

Lucio argues that it is possible the “bribe money” really was used for fundraising tickets.

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