10 tips to keep your stuff safe

Motor vehicle burglaries are often a crime of opportunity.

The Harlingen Police Department said vehicles can be easy targets that may contain a wide variety of merchandise and personal information.

Reports indicate that it generally takes under a minute to break a vehicle window, unlock the door, and remove items.

However, a large percentage of burglarized vehicles were left unsecured.

The department is in the process of alerting people about what they can do to limit and curb this activity.


The following are some tips to help you from becoming a victim.


• HIDE your valuables from sight, or even better, take the items with you (wallets, purses, cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices, identification cards, passports, driver’s licenses, other personal identifying information, and any other items of value)

• LOCK your vehicles (close all windows & lock all doors & hatches)

• TAKE your keys

• Park in well-lit areas

• Remove after-market stereo face-plates

• Record serial numbers of property left inside vehicles

• Do not leave the vehicle running or leave the keys inside the vehicle

• Do not hide a spare key in or around the vehicle

• Lock or secure packages/merchandise in the trunk

• Report any suspicious persons or activity