Discrimination before our eyes

Darn, here I thought I had written my last letter to the editor.

I see my name mentioned as an expert on the KKK.

Funny, when you see, hear and experience current events daily and it just doesn’t faze many people at all.

As an example, summer of 2014, four of us couples, three of us wearing Veteran military caps, two with 100 percent service connected disability, seeing and experiencing discrimination right before our very eyes, in our very own country that we swore to protect.

Yes, KKKs were born into the Democratic Party. Yes, we paid dearly for all the destruction that occurred during their heyday. History has taught us a valuable lesson.

Now, have we actually learned anything? Apparently the KKK has switched sides and is currently enjoying great prosperity under the GOP with Trump’s Blessings.

Seems like they are doing such a great job that many wannabees are jumping on the bandwagon, regardless if they are of different skin color and don’t mind slitting their own throats by doing so.

For the record, I did say wannabees. By the way, if you can kindly inform all wannabee deplorables as to when the next KKK meeting is scheduled.

Pretty sure they may all want to practice their Heil Hitler salute.

Go figure.

This writer is so well informed, listening to his select brainwashing channel, that he keeps promoting the distorted, modified news that is a comfort to his and their listening pleasure.

He keeps mentioning the butchering of babies, which is sickening and I heartily agree, but if he is as brilliant and sharp as he thinks he is, should know who is strictly responsible for this terrible ordeal.

The legal system, mainly, the Supreme Court, with a Republican casting the deciding vote, made abortions legal.

Why are Republicans so obsessed with Pro-life, but only as long as the baby remains in the Mother’s womb.

Stay in the womb babies, because they sure don’t give a damn about you once you pop out. Walls are more important than having affordable care.

By the way, the GOP’s alternative health care plan to provide full coverage, a great big pile of dirt, maybe a nice flower arrangement, while you lay 6 feet under.

For many, N. Rodriguez for instance, this is ideal coverage.

He thinks that giving nicknames is alright, so how about Repo-Christs.

The do as we say not as we do party that have made this their standard slogan. Does hypocrisy ring a bell?

Just think, if Bill Clinton had been Republican, there never would have been any outpouring outrage, unzipped or not, and he would fit in very nicely with their present day thinking.

Also, just think of the exploding outrage this select channel would have fed their listening audience if Russia and Putin had sided with Hillary.

Treason and they would have demanded a military style execution with a firing squad.

Have a great day.

Juan Gonzalez Harlingen