Not an expert, eager to learn

I admire a gentleman who will come to the aid of a lady who he assumes will not lower her dignity to squabble with such a rude, uninformed person as the unnamed (too frequent writer) from Willacy County.

However, with the amount of time and effort put into finding the right caustic remark to cut said writer to ribbons, that resentment must have built up over time.

However, I do appreciate his research or recall of information that was presented to set me straight.

I did not know that I was presenting myself as an expert on anything. I’m eager to learn.

In the first place, Nancy Steele was writing about the Electoral College in presidential elections.

My opinion concerned what problems I foresee in the future if we should eliminate our representative type of government, not just the Electoral College.

The two were not that closely related and not even implied in Ms. Steele’s letter.

That should have been obvious. To this, I, personally, apologize to Ms. Steele.

Yes, the electoral college was set up to pick a wise, unpartisan representative, but that was before our country became a partisan playground and had fewer educated(?) people.

There were various other reasons for its establishment.

We may have presidents elected by popular vote in the future, but with the rapidity of the spreading of propaganda and the inroads made by socialism, we will be a very different country.

But then, I think we already are.

Being outvoted by a state that can’t manage its own government may be the result.

I want to credit Mr. Dailey with selecting the largest collection of caustic barbs to post in one critical letter that I have seen in the Valley Morning Star. That is quite an accomplishment.

I do take exception to two of Mr. Dailey’s assumptions.

One: that I wanted to see Trump elected. Can that be equated with, “I did not want to see Hillary Clinton elected,” or is there no distinction between the two?

Two: is there a subtle inference that if I wanted Trump for president, I would have to be a raciest?

I did suggest that Ms. Steele take a good look at our foreign policy under Obama before worrying about what President Trump might do. That sounds friendly enough to me.

What might be deemed more important than “just” voting in an election is being an informed voter.

What makes me think others envy our form of government over others is both opinion and other’s opinions.

Why have so many people chosen to come to this country to live if not for that or a similar reason.

Two, why do those who come to this country seem to understand better what we have here than we do ourselves.

To quote an immigrant relative, “This is the greatest country in the world.”

Sincerely, Norma Christian Raymondville