Be careful in Mexico

Dear Friends and Family, please take serious precautions and reconsider traveling to Mexico.

I just returned home this week after meeting with Mexican officials to discuss cross border relations.

The tensions were high already due to President Trump’s threats and unprecedented bold stance, but this evening, I heard an even stronger message from sources across the border … that Drug Cartels are now threatening retaliation for Trump’s stance on Mexico by taking Americans visiting Mexico hostage and demanding large sums of money from relatives back home.

Although this savage activity is not new, the Cartels have not before taken such bold steps to “randomly” take “innocent” Americans hostage that are not involved in the drug trade in some form or fashion.

While this information is still being verified for authenticity, I urge you to yield on the side of caution and reconsider any immediate plans to cross the border into Mexico until further notice.

Dora Sanchez Harlingen