Teaming up to build skills

HARLINGEN – Research, research, research.

You can’t do anything without research.

Wanna build a space shuttle? Research.

Looking for a fresh oil field? Research.

Cure for cancer? Research, definitely.

That’s why the Harlingen School for Health Professions is seeking to expand it’s medical research program. Certainly the school always wanted to do that, but how?

Once again, research.

Now that research has paid off. HSHP is partnering with the South Texas Diabetes and Obesity Institute to enhance its program. It’s quite relevant to HSHPs program because STDOI is a research vehicle, increasing its knowledge of those two maladies.

“We are already hosting STDOI at our campus,” said Principal Tina Garza.

“We are in preliminary talks. We want our teachers and students to interact with their program beginning at the end of Spring.”

STDOI is part of the newly-created University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley.

Garza said this summer, some teachers may begin having externships at STDOI, working with employees at the facility to understand the work better. When school starts in the fall, they can return to the classroom and share their experiences with students. “Students will be working with live data and real people,” Garza said.

This kind of interaction is critical to building a student’s skills.

“It is about connecting the real world to what we are trying to accomplish with our instruction here at HSHP,” Garza said.

“These are real-world experiences that would be, in my opinion, very similar to working in a top-notch research lab.”