Bring our movie times back

Not everyone has a computer or cell phone to look up the movie schedules for our local theater.

We know that taking the schedule out of Friday’s paper was for cost, but I do not believe the higher ups realize how upsetting no schedule is. Please return the schedules at least on Friday.

Vonnie Jones and Doreen Poulton Harlingen

EDITOR’S NOTE: The movie listing was an advertisement that Cinemark decided to no longer run in our publication as of the end of 2016.


To the Editor:

Reference to Mr. John Combs and Mr. Jerry Wetherbee letters to the editor on Jan. 29.

My apology for referring to the Good Neighbors Golf Tournament at Stuart Place Golf Course. I should have given thanks to John Combs and all the sponsors for having the fifth annual Sunburst Champions Golf Match at Stuart Place Golf Course.

Again, I would like to thank the Harlingen students and adults who participated. It was a huge success and greatly appreciated. No harm was intended. As you see, I was confused.

Appreciably, Dennis Borgen President Stuart Place Golf Course