Be grateful, writer

I have been reading with a great deal of curiosity the many letter that N. Rodriguez has written to the Valley Morning Star, and I have noticed that he has a fondness for vehemently condemning any ideology with which he does not agree.

His condemnations appear to serve several purposes.

They feed his ego, fill your column, and fuel the beliefs of others who feel as he does, notwithstanding that he has a faulty knowledge of history at best.

He doesn’t seem to be concerned whether or not he can support his arguments.

He just carries on week after week, aimlessly throwing barbs at an opposition whose mind is as set as his.

I wonder, however, what N. Rodriguez does for the betterment of this community?

I have been a citizen of Harlingen for at least 40 years. I have sat on many community boards and have been a member of several organizations. N. Rodriguez has never crossed my path.

I have asked around, and no one seems to know who he is or to know if he has done anything for this community.

Is he a person of deeds or just words?

I have wondered if he is a credible historian. What credentials have formed the basis of his views?

What experiences lead him to make his often outlandish statements? I would honestly like to know more about him.

I know many conservatives who have solid and sound reasons for their political views.

Moreover, they are conservative in both word and deed.

They often think before talking. I cannot find anyone who knows of him, and when asked, they are puzzled by his outrageous commentary as much as I.

I know a really good history teacher who might be persuaded to give him a crash course in World and U.S. history.

He should consider taking a course or two, just to get his historical facts straight. N. Rodriguez should be grateful for Freedom of the Press.

If not for his right to say what he thinks, his articles would end up in “file 13.”

G. Campos Harlingen