San Benito schools to present their report cards

SAN BENITO — Once again, San Benito has met the standard, according to the Texas Academic Performance Report.

Today, school leaders will meet in a public hearing to discuss the results in-depth.

The hearing will take place at 6 p.m. in the administration board room.

Every year, the annual report is presented during a public hearing where the community has the opportunity to address concerns they have about the results.

The presentation of the report will go into greater detail about the scores.

It contains campus performance objectives, student demographics, finances, staffing and program expenditures.

The areas of celebration highlighted in the 2014-2015 report included graduation rates, which were higher than the regional average.

Students outperformed the state and region in STAAR for grades 3-12 in the area of mathematics, outperformed the state and region in STAAR EOC in the areas of English II and Biology, rated higher in college and career ready graduates in comparison to the region and state; and showed an increase in the percentage of students completing the first year of college without remediation.

There were some areas that required district follow up.

The STAAR performance for grades three through 12 in Social Studies failed to meet the standard, with the district scoring 65 percent, 7 percent lower than the region and 13 percent lower than the state average.

The district also lacked in the area of college-ready graduates.

According to the TAPR, the district had only 58 percent of its graduates who were college ready in reading and English, 10 percent less than the state average.

Enrollment in higher education has gone down over the years, sparking another area of concern for district officials.

The report stated 51 percent of its graduates were enrolled at a higher education institution for the year. It was a significant drop from previous years.

Most of the same information should be presented tonight.

The district is encouraging the community to attend the meeting. After the report is presented, the community will have the opportunity to address the school board.

If You Go

When: 6 p.m., tonight

Where: Administration Board Room, 240 North Crockett, San Benito