School district upgrades

HARLINGEN — New railings will soon make it a little easier for spectators to watch football games.

The Harlingen school district has just awarded a contract to install railings at Boggus Stadium.

“We’re putting in hand railings to help people climbing to the upper levels for safety,” said Oscar Tapia, assistant superintendent for district operations.

Everyone will find the railings helpful. Obviously, those who are physically challenged will be able to use them. But they will come into use for anyone who needs something to hold onto while climbing the bleachers for a better view of the game.

Sturdi Steel Corporation will install the railings for $148,945. The work is scheduled for completion in time for the 2017-2018 school year.

Another contract has been awarded to Metro Electric to perform upgrades to the lighting in 13 elementary schools.

“We’re going to install more efficient lighting,” Tapia said. “The most modern and efficient is the LED lighting fixtures.”

The $991,522 in upgrades should be ready for the upcoming school year.

The district is paying for both projects with TRE funds accrued through a 10-cent property tax increase. Voters narrowly approved the tax increase in the Tax Ratification Election in September 2015.