Do sewers smell?

Recently, Kellyanne Conway posited that there are facts and “alternative facts,” apparently she knows her benefactor well.

Thursday’s lead article in the VMS commenced in the same mode, like this, “Sewer ratepayers apparently will end up funding a sewer line expansion at the site of the $14.9 million convention center.”

The article mentioned this idea was borne of a Board of Director’s meeting held on Feb. 8, which had been posted as a special meeting.

The agenda duly cited and the General Manager, also, noted during the course of the meeting that “no action” items had been part of the notice requisite.

Regardless, of this lack of “action,” the reporter seems to interpret the executive session portion, which lacked specific notice of what subject would be discussed, as the basis for VMS publicating the article.

Though there was an executive session where“members agreed to fund the sewer line expansion” there was never a reconvening in open session of that body to take action as required by Texas Government Code § 551.102.

Once the executive session concluded, Board members dispersed, and the news article rightly, never mentioned a compliant reconvening of the deliberative body.

It’s interesting to glean that the General Manager twice had to mention that H.W.W.S. has to operate in the “red” on a daily basis.

He felt his Board had been prudent in having allocated this scarce rainy day type funding mechanism to relieve the monetary pressures under which HWWS functions.

Now, due to a mercenary City Manager who pressed 1 of the two “independent” (per City Charter) Boards into a lockstep cadence with his preordained instructions by elected officials, this will transpire.

He cares little if Harlingen’s populace is straddled with a “chump” moniker.

And ratepayers will be locked into a permanent tax.

Unlike a quote attributed to Tudor Ulhorn referencing “overtime fare,” he actually stated this delicate “hiccup,” should be handled without “fanfare.”

A knowledgeable public should ask who’s making the profit and what contribution are they making or willing to bear; instead of their perspective that Harlingenites are gullible.

If the ratepaying public doesn’t organize, their voice will remain muted.

Ron Lozano Harlingen