Being taken to the cleaners

A burglar came to my house the other day. He stole a lot of stuff that equaled to a lot of money.

A few days later the Cameron County Tax Assessor came to my house to look for reasons to tax me more.

I told him about the theft that had just occurred at my house.

He just ignored my losses. He was only looking for things to tax.

I have more respect to the house thief because he did it behind my back. The county tax assessor said it was “his job.”

I could only surmise he was the best thief of all. He did it in the name of the Law.

Each of the past five years, they have come to my house.

They have so many employees working as legal thieves it’s hard to keep up with them every year and day.

They have so many employees and time now they sent you a “certified letter” of their intent to still by law.

A couple of months later my home and car insurance rates went up. They said I lived in a high crime area.

I thought to myself, “The Tax Assessors Office is a mile away!”

Santiago Perez San Benito