Atmosphere key for Los Fresnos Rodeo

LOS FRESNOS — There are always a little nerves before competing but, win or lose, it is all about having a good time.

This is one of the lessons professional cattle roper Joe Serrata has learned during his long career.

Serrata competes today at the Los Fresnos Rodeo. He was present yesterday evening to watch the other competitors so he has an idea of what to expect.

“Do I take a chance? Should I not take a chance? What is the cattle like?” he mused.

His good friend and, in some competitions partner, Hugo

Hugo Cantu also was in attendance. Cantu competed last year but was able to enjoy this year’s show as a spectator.

Whether it is in the stands or on rodeo grounds, Cantu loves the atmosphere.

“The energy. The people. And just seeing the competitors getting ready to compete … especially when you’re in the arena and everyone is looking at you. It’s just an awesome feeling,” Cantu said.

Rodeos are all about family fun, he added. From the carnival to the food to the rodeo, there is something for everyone to enjoy, Cantu said.

Javier Rene Rosales and his brother, Jaime, were driving by when they noticed the rodeo. The brothers had been to other rodeos in the state, but not to the Los Fresnos Rodeo.

“We just thought we’d take it in and do something a little different,” said Rosales, who was visiting from Canada.

Los Fresnos felt a little more personable compared to other shows Rosales attended, he said.

“It’s a nice crowd, not too crowded, just right,” Jaime said. “No problems getting in, well-managed, and it seems very safe. It’s a relaxed environment.”

Rosales said he enjoys going to rodeos because it is in the Rio Grande Valley’s heritage. More recent generations may not have as many ranchers, but their ancestors were, he said.

“Most of us come from that. It’s in our family roots,” he said.