Progress is reported in school finance plans

SAN BENITO — Monthly updates have become the norm in the San Benito school district.

With the introduction to the Re-Imagine 2021 Five Year Strategic Plan last year, Superintendent Dr. Adrian Vega has worked to keep the community updated on its progress.

That has yet to change and probably will not anytime soon. During every school board meeting, updates on the plan are given to the community and school leaders.

This past week, school leaders and the community were updated on the finance portion of the plan, which makes up one of five portions of the plan.


The priority one, year one goal is to provide a full day pre-kindergarten program with highly qualified staff.

During the first year, school officials set a goal to establish the framework and evaluate financial resources to implement a full-day pre-kindergarten program.

Status as of February — The San Benito school district received $332,560 in funds from the state to be used for supplies and furniture.

The district will continue to monitor resources and work with other strategic plan members to achieve the year one goal.

Systems and Operations

The priority two, year one goal is to maintain efforts to streamline systems and operations.

During the first year, school officials set a goal to develop expectations and modify current procedure manuals.

Status as of February — Training opportunities have been conducted in clerical duties, such as email, finance, payroll and financial coding.

Procedure manuals on compliance, activity procedures and budgets have been completed.

Currently under review are the business office procedures and maintenance procedures.

School officials processed 6,785 boxes of records to comply with state record laws, conducted a district-wide inventory and reviewed and corrected a majority of the items that were listed as issues on the efficiency audit.

The district will continue to provide training in efforts to streamline operations and implement audit recommendations.

Budget Process

The priority three, year one goal is to provide a blended budgeting process.

During the first year, school officials set a goal to evaluate the budgetary system as a whole.

Status as of February — The district has developed a budget manual that will be used in the 2017-2018 school year.

The next step is to finalize timelines of the manual and meet with principals, directors and administrators to align the budget to the district goal, campus improvement plans and district improvement plans.


The priority four, year one goal is to determine the effectiveness of curriculum-based programs and to determine which funds are necessary and appropriate to support these programs.

During the first year, school officials set a goal to evaluate all programs and systems.

Status as of February — The school district is working with the curriculum and instruction department to determine the current number of district programs. So far, there have been more than 124 different software programs identified.

The district will continue to work with the technology department to provide information on the initial cost and license information once they are identified and evaluated.

Community Relations

The priority five, year one goal is to form an alliance with those vested in the interest of the district and to continue to communicate with the community as well as local and state representatives.

During the first year, school officials set a goal to increase awareness within the community regarding public education, funding and issues.

Status as of February — The school district has posted links on the website to various agencies that will keep the stakeholders informed on current issues that are happening in public education.

Communication regarding financial transparency has been transmitted through the district’s website, using recorded and televised board meetings, superintendent informative videos, board informative videos, posting up-to-date information on various audits, special reports and the Re-Imagine 2021 Strategic Plan.