San Benito students show their works

SAN BENITO — The halls of the school district’s administration building were decorated with artwork created by the district’s own students.

Twenty-nine students from all grade levels participated in the Halls of Art Project coordinated by the district’s Communications Department.

Their artwork, which they created under the direction of their fine arts teachers, is currently on display at the John F. Barron Administration Building. The public had the opportunity to view their entries during Tuesday’s regular board meeting.

The San Benito CISD Board of Trustees recognized the young artists and their teachers with a special award and a reception in their honor. Attendees and guests had an opportunity to take part in an art walk tour through the hallways and take photographs.

“The participating students created amazing and unique pieces,” said district spokeswoman Celia Longoria. “Some created their artwork using the mixed media method, while others used colored pencils to create their final projects.”

Since the 2014-15 school year, San Benito CISD has provided a venue for talented fine arts students to display their artwork.

Secondary Campuses

Artist: Ricardo Sanchez, 7th grade

Title: Sunset

Artist: Isabella Jalomo, 7th grade

Title: Imagination

Artist: Alexsandra Vasquez, 6th grade

Title: Paradise

Artist: Leonardo Coronado, 7th grader

Title: Artistic Graduate

Artist: Anel Martinez, 7th grader

Title: Wilderness

Artist: Meagan De La Rosa, 9th grade

Title: Native American Symbolism

Artist: Sherlyn Mendoza, 6th grade

Title Light House at Sunset

Artist: Riana Garcia, 10th grade

Title: Untitled

Artist: Krystal De La Garza, 12th grade

Title: Untitled

Artist: Leticia Gutierrez, 10th grade

Title: Towards the Sun

Artist: Sarahi Cardoza, 12th grade

Title: Untitled

Artist: Delyssa Garcia, 10th grade

Title: Chairs

Artist: Samantha Rodriguez, 10th grade

Title: Untitled

Artist: David Castillo, 11th grade

Title: Untitled

Artist: Mieyeh Aguilar, 8th grade

Title: Santa Delivery

Artist: Jesus Retta, 8th grade

Title: Rudolph is Here

Elementary Campuses

Artist: Dylan Cerda, 5th grade

Title: The Sunset at Resaca

Artist: Yasmin Rodriguez, 5th grade

Title: The Jolly Elephant

Artist: Callista Hernandez, kindergarten

Title: Corner of Combes and Stenger

Artist: Trey Moore, 3rd grade

Title: First Church of the Nazarene

Artist: Angel Parra, 2nd grade

Title: History of San Benito

Artist: Ramiro Treviño Jr., 5th grade

Title: The Inspiration of Space

Artist: Jocelyn Matamoros, 5th grade

Title: The Yellow Rose City

Artist: Estella Lopez, 5th grade

Title: The Rose

Artist: Adela Banda, 5th grade

Title: Mystical Creatures

Artist: Angel Contreras, 2nd grade

Title: La Paloma Elementary

Artist: Lauren Cantu, 5th grade

Title: Mustang Majesty

Artist: Hannah Rodriguez, 5th grade

Title: Little Cottage in the Woods

Artist: Evanjelina Hernandez, 3rd grade

Title: Love