Reality Check

For those who have been reading the discussions between Mr. Jim Taylor and myself, you will recall that the conversation is in regards to the nature of reality.

Is life fundamentally spirit, or is life fundamentally matter?

I am very glad for the conversation.

I believe this is an extremely important topic, and as I have noted, it is one that is, from my perspective, largely misunderstood.

The strange part is that Mr. Taylor and I have two fundamental points in common.

We are both fans of science and reason, and we have both rejected the traditional view of religion.

The similarities, however, end there.

In regards to science, it would seem Mr. Taylor has what is referred to as an “old science” point of view, one of a mechanical universe made of matter. This view is called realism, because it posits that only matter is real.

As such everything comes from matter, even consciousness itself, as a function of the brain, as he explains. This, however is not the view of “new science”.

In regards to matters of the spirit (religion) I feel Mr. Taylor has thrown the baby out with the bathwater, to use a traditional expression.

Though I reject the traditional view of religion, I do not reject the idea of spirituality itself.

That is, that the universe is fundamentally spiritual (abstract) in nature.

As luck would have it, I came across two books recently that might help Mr. Taylor and those of you who are interested, to acquire a better understanding of this concept.

The first is called “From Science to God,” by Peter Russel.

The second is called “The Self Aware Universe, how consciousness creates the material world,” by Amit Goswani, Ph.D.

Note: these books are not by new age writers, both authors are physicists. Dr. Goswani is a professor of physics at the Institute of Theoretical Sciences at the University of Oregon.

This is what Dr. Goswani says about Mr. Taylor’s beloved matter: “the notion that all things are made of atoms is an unproven assumption; it is not based on any direct evidence.”

Peter Russell adds a similar view when he says: “matter is not made of matter.” What a strange notion for a mostly matter oriented world view.

I would love to propose a weekly book club to Mr. Taylor, and in fact anyone who is interested, so that we can discuss these matters more thoroughly.

Seek Ye First the Kingdom.

Tommy Deleon Spiritual Leader, Unity of the Valley, Pharr