Rewards of evil

The City of San Benito just passed a $500 fine for “texting while driving.”

At first, it seems like a great idea, but if you look closely it’s nothing but evil.

What happened to the $25 or $50 fine if no accident occurred?

To a young driver or practically any poor soul with minimal means of income, $500 is a lot of money.

This amount can postpone their entry into college.

It takes away from the lively hood of an attire family.

It takes away from the support of their families and tacit means of advancement or possessions.

At the end the city and the state become the welfare recipients of the poor and the masses.

The money goes to the Judges, the clerks, and the self-abstaining draconian system.

The last time I witnessed court proceedings, the judge was barking out five and six hundred dollars fines.

I say barking because one after the other these people were being asked if they wanted a extended monthly payment plan or a short payment plan.

Nobody paid the whole fine on the spot.

I did not see any sympathy from anyone in the court. I just saw a line of people waiting to be executed. All of it was “greed for money.”

If these people do not pay, their driver’s license is on jeopardy. They cannot drive. They cannot go to work. They cannot go to school. The list goes on and on.

The insurance companies and other entities that leach into the draconian system will reap the benefits.

I spoke to a few friends and most of them agreed that people who “text while driving” should be punished.

But their discontent concentrated on their negative experiences even if nothing bad happened.

What happened to their Christian Philosophy? Instead they grasp to evil like fish to water.

I do think that texting while driving is stupid.

But if we are going to fine “Stupid,” let us begin with fining all the kids that didn’t finish school.

In one way or another, they will probably be welfare recipients of the state.

Let us fine everyone that does something stupid. That will be a lot of money for the city and state.

Let us fine all the elected officials who waste money on programs and ventures that fail and become inefficient.

Let us fine the school districts who year after year they produce minimal results teaching the children.

Evil and stupidity seem to be synonymous. Let us fine that.

Why not give God the Safety issues and stop doing the work of evil?

Oh and before I forget. Judges, friends of the court, law enforcement officers, city commissioners and other friends of city officials will get their own exemption. It will all be done behind closed doors or away from public view.

And another thing, this opens up the opportunity for corrupt police officers who just issue tickets when they stop someone they don’t like.

They will fib and make up events for their own schadenfreude.

Santiago Perez San Benito