RGV Bandidas drop season opener vs Las Tejanas

HARLINGEN — The RGV Bandidas might have lost their season opener, but they won over the crowd Saturday night at Hot Skating Roller Rink in Harlingen.

The loss was the first for the Bandidas since the league started last year.

The Bandidas lost 182-157 to Las Tejanas from San Antonio, however, the atmosphere was a nice incentive for the players.

“It was great to see people come out and show us support,” said Crystal Hernandez, AKA Pandemonium Doll.

“Some of us have played them before when we were a smaller league and I’m not going to lie, it was a huge point gap something like 300-2. It’s good to see that we have grown and see different skaters come together to represent the Valley and I think we did pretty darn good. Las Tejanas are a top-notch, big-deal team and to see us hold our own against them is fun.”

The RGV Bandidas next bout is on March 25.