San Benito improves high-tech for students

SAN BENITO — Technology is everywhere in education.

Public schools in the United States now provide at least one computer for every five students. They spend more than $3 billion per year on digital content.

San Benito is no different in their effort to provide students with the latest technology while also implementing the curriculum.

Just recently, the district approved the purchase of 125 laptops or computers on wheels to be used by high school students.

The money, which has already been budgeted for, will come out the high school’s state funds.

The laptops are expected to cost about $785 each.

“These laptops will give the students access to various programs,” Superintendent Dr. Adrian Vega said.

Students will be able to access the various learning programs in the already functioning courses, as well as test and use the laptops after school.

In keeping with the district’s goal to advance in technology and learning, the Migrant Education Program is in the final stages of implementing a project-based technology program stemming from the Re-Imagine 2021 Strategic Plan Campaign approved by the board in July 2016.

By promoting higher learning and readiness for its migrant students through the use of technology, MacBook Pro laptops will be issued to currently enrolled migrant students in grades three and higher.

An iPad will be issued to students in grades two and below.

School district officials say this provides a supplemental resource for migrant students and teachers to achieve higher levels of performance in both learning and teaching.

All devices, along with their carrying cases and warranties, were purchased with Title I, Part C Migrant Education Program funds at a cost of approximately $600,000.

Students will be allowed to take the devices with them when they migrate in or out of state.

The devices will be monitored through a tracking system developed for this purpose.

Curriculum and technology integration will also allow close monitoring of student progress through data-driven instruction.