We must remain a lawful country

What’s all this bashing against the newly elected President?

When the topic of immigration comes up, people all over, including the RGV, start running like chickens without a head.

Bill Clinton, as well as Barrack Hussein Obama, made the same comments; the border needs to be better protected.

Yet, no one complained, it wasn’t until President Trump repeated the Democratic talking points that became offensive.

And why is it, that it is always America’s fault, when things go bad in other countries?

I say, to all protesters, if you don’t like the Laws in America or Texas, well, good bye.

Specially, if you were not invited. Additionally, I am tired of hearing, that without immigrants, who is going to harvest the fields.

Only 2 percent of immigrants work on the fields, over 12.5 million work in restaurants. The rest work elsewhere.

And it isn’t all the immigrants’ faults, but, the employers who hire them, and pay them the minimum.

As a matter of fact, it was the National Chamber of Commerce who opposed any changes or enforcement on immigration laws.

That was well documented during the Obama presidency.

Lastly, to all the protesters, or whatever you call them, quit making fools out of yourself.

Running around with signs, undocumented and unafraid, stop breaking families apart, just make people dislike you more.

FYI, one of three Latinos voted for President Trump.

Having held a law enforcement certification, I believe in law enforcement, without it, anarchy would flourish.

It already is.

Frank Garcia Harlingen